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Entertainment 12 October, 2017


It is an exclusive information of the newspaper Closer : on Tuesday, the mother of Nicolas Sarkozy, Andrée, was a discomfort to his home justified hospitalization.

The log Closer to the announcement : Andrée Sarkozy, the mother of the former president of the French Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy has made this Tuesday a discomfort to his home. The fire department remained an hour from the town nicknamed Dadu before the drive to the hospital.

Support always of his son, Nicolas, Andrée Sarkozy is truly one of the women in his life. The politician has already confided to the press, the memories of an absent father and the sacrifices that his mother has always done for his children with this sentence murders to his sire :” father, I did not miss anything. “. He stayed very close to it over the years. Andrée Sarkozy accompanied her son to meetings policy and even an official trip to China in 2008.

In November 2015 already, Andrée Sarkozy had alarmed his family. According to the newspaper Closer, the matriarch of 90-year-old had had an accident alone in her apartment, which her son has been informed by the custodian of the building who heard the moans behind the door. At the time, the incident had also required hospital admission.

Andrée Sarkozy, aged 91, appeared in public for the last time at a dinner at the George V with his son, Nicolas, in April last.

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