Andropause, menopause and the human, there is no way as clear

Health 20 December, 2017


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Menopause means cessation of menstruation, goes well beyond this simple phenomenon, since it is synonymous to most women, at least there is still a bit of a delicate moment of his life. The beginning of old age, to be clear. There is not a step similar to the man.

Andropause is a word that, medically, doesn’t mean much, and there is no man as a sudden stop of hormone secretions. They diminish, but very unevenly and less painful.

Some call it andropause…


The ” méno-pause “, this means the end of menstruation. With the same logic, it is understandable, therefore, that “andro pause” – literally the disappearance of man has no place to be. In contrast, the decrease of the performance of the sexual activity, the manifestation of which is different in the man and the woman, if she is extremely variable from one individual to another, is a phenomenon well-known and seemingly inevitable. For parity, we are going to create a new word medical from the Greek, such as menopause. In man, we should call this the andromiose. The decrease in the production of the male hormone par excellence, the testosterone.

The man secretes until the end of his days, in contrast to the hormones of the woman. Which explains why he can be a dad very late. The history of the secretion of this hormone by the testes summarizes the history of the male. It begins to be present in the blood of the fetus, presumably to affirm the sexual differentiation. It stops completely at the moment of birth to take back to puberty. It is she who is necessary for the development and maintenance of what is called the sexual characteristics. New distribution of weight, moult, voice, appearance of body hair, increased libido, all of this is to prepare the true role of testosterone, production of sperm, so fertility of the man.

A way of doping

As it has a role in the development of muscle – it must be that the small man should be armed to conquer its female –, we find, unfortunately, more and more the use of this hormone in the sports halls which, remember, is strictly prohibited. We talk about it in the fight against aging. Before the decrease of its rate in the blood, many american scientists of aging have advocated a contribution to a rebalancing.

It is however forbidden in France as a medicine against aging. But we know little about the real risks, and particularly the minimum dose effective. There are drugs to combat erectile dysfunction. The promise by the medicine of a life largely superior to 100 years must also be accompanied or not of the peace of the senses ? The debate is now open in our country.