Angelina Jolie allegedly tampered with the adoption of her son Maddox

One of Angelina Jolie’s assistants reveals that the star has allegedly dealt with relative legal documents to facilitate the adoption of Maddox, his biggest son, in 2002.

Still his father in the eyes of justice
According to one of her assistants, Angelina Jolie has allegedly trafficked the adoption papers of her son Maddox, of Cambodian origin, to facilitate the proceedings. Mounh Sarath, 51, told the Sun that he had signed papers for Maddox’s father to facilitate the proceedings. He even indicated a false address at the time. In the eyes of justice, the biological father of Maddox is still his father. “For justice, I am still his father. Angelina Jolie has never clarified the situation since. She had to change the name of the child because it was the only way to take it, “he told the British newspaper.

The 41-year-old star had to contend a few months ago with the biological mother of Zahara, adopted at the age of six months in Ethiopia. A new blow for the actress who had lost a lot of weight after his divorce with Brad Pitt a few months ago.

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