Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt reconciled? The actor tells the whole truth to his children

Entertainment 24 June, 2017

Will Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt ever get back together? The actor decided to answer his children frankly.
If one believes the latest rumors, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would have made the choice to put their divorce on pause . Is a return of flame then possible between the two celebrities? Unfortunately for fans of the former Brangelina , the answer is no. The parents of Maddox have simply made the decision to pass the happiness of their children before everything else. No more tensions and other polemics, Brad Pitt decided to do things well. After having confided in a truth interview for GQ Style , talking about his addictions to alcohol and drugs, the 53 year old dad also greatly improved his daily life. Starting with her relationship with her offspring.
According to a source who confided to OK! Magazine , Brad Pitt who would live an unexpected bromance with a rapper , did not hesitate to explain to his offspring that it was all over with Angelina Jolie . “They do not like therapy, but they know that Brad needs it.” These sessions allow them to have a better understanding of their problems and what did not work in their parents’ marriage. Firmly but kindly explained that even though he loves their mother very much, they will not recover together, ” the informant confides. A decision that can only be welcomed. In any case, Engaging in his demons has done a great good to Brad Pitt who, in addition to acknowledging his mistakes, has come closer to his children. Now the actor has the right to see them unattended and even take them out “to the zoo, to the cinema in addition to cooking at home for them.” Good news that pleases to hear. And what do you think of these revelations?