Angelina Jolie as a couple? New details about her love life unveiled!

Entertainment 21 May, 2017

This is the question everyone is asking. Did Angelina Jolie really find a companion after her divorce? We now know more about her love life!
Since she is divorced from Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie is recovering slowly. Jon Voight, her father with whom she has been in cold for a long time and also takes care of her children. Yes, the actress decided not to let herself undermine the morale by the trials of life. And she is not the only one since her ex-companion gradually ascends the slope after admitting that he had problems with addiction to alcohol and drugs. But while the two comedians put their life back on track, a question turlupine the net surfers. Have they found love again? If on the side of Brad Pitt , the rumors are going well on its potential conquests, it is also the case for Angelina Jolie . At the latest news, the heroine of Tomb Raider would have cracked for a British businessman. But what is really happening?
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Angelina Jolie prefers to focus her attention on her children!
If one believes the latest revelations from a source at Hollywood Life , Angelina Jolie would indeed have a new companion in her life. But against all expectations, the informant confides that this relationship would have absolutely nothing serious and that the interpreter of Malefic would prefer to focus his attention on his children . “Angelina has no official relationship yet She has a lover but it stops there for now She does not intend to invest too quickly in a new idyll She concentrates About her children, her career, and being single again.This is a period of adjustment and Angie is growing more and more,