Angelina Jolie: Brad Pitt gets rid of all his business!

Entertainment 31 January, 2017

While his marriage to Angelina Jolie is over, Brad Pitt decided to throw everything that reminded him of his ex-wife!
If Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie find their complicity, their divorce still remains topical. To definitely turn the page, the actor decided to do some housework in his Los Angeles home and so, get rid of everything that reminds him of his ex-wife. According to Radar Online , Brad Pitt was spotted carrying various items from his home and loading them into a van, presumably to discard. “The fan of architecture began to strip his house of all the furniture, photos, trinkets and memories of his former companion. As the exclusive Radar photos show, a large fireplace was seen to be removed from the property this week by movers and loaded into a van. “, explained a source. The couple lived in the house of Los Feliz which was actually owned by Brad Pitt even before their romance begins.
It revealed that Brad Pitt returned to the family home with her children and Angelina Jolie. Then it could be a move if the two stars have really decided to live together . However, it would seem that this is not the case. “Brad does not need all of Angelina’s things, things like Far East carpets, bizarre ornaments and blankets and various furniture they’ve bought as a couple.He keeps antiques, watches And the tasteful vintage items that Angelina bought for him but gets rid of a lot of things that have accumulated over time. ” , A source said. Brad Pitt would have repaired the house, did create a children’s playground and extended the skate park outside. His goal is to create a “paradise for children”. Sounds like it! And do you think Brad Pitt gets rid of Angelina Jolie’s business?