Angelina Jolie: Brad Pitt thinks she uses their divorce to restore her image!

Entertainment 8 March, 2017

Two weeks ago, Angelina Jolie spoke for the first time about her divorce with Brad Pitt. But obviously, it did not matter to the interested party.
Aaaah, the joys of divorce! It’s easy for anyone and even less when we’re called Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and we’re potential Hollywood stars. Since their separation last September, not a week has passed without one heard of it. It must be said that this is a real legal battle between the former couple, and in particular Angelina Jolie. The actress used and abused every blow to destroy the reputation of her ex-husband and get exclusive custody of their six children. But by playing the evil witches, it is what it has become with the whole world and its image has been somewhat tainted. As a result, history of restoring it, She agreed to confide in her divorce for the first time two weeks ago . On the program: big tears, regrets and “very difficult moments” . But if the actress surely managed to move her fans, there was one who was not convinced: Brad Pitt.
According to the 53-year-old actor, this interview was indeed nothing more than an acting performance . “Brad does not think Angie was sincere. The dramatic breaks, the tears – he told his friends that he thought he was playing the comedy, ” said a source close to Life & Style magazine . For Brad Pitt, if Angelina Jolie agreed to confide in an interview about their divorce, it was only for the purpose of restoring her image. “He felt that the entire interview was an attempt by Angie to change the story that she was behind their divorce,” the source added. Visibly, The actor does not believe his ex-wife at all when she says they are “a family and they will be forever” . It must be said that with all the attempts of the latter to have sole custody of the children, there is reason to doubt it. And something tells us that with the stories around Jennifer Aniston, which make Angelina Jolie furious , it will not go by getting it right. And do you think Angelina Jolie’s statements are fake?