Angelina Jolie delighted with her divorce with Brad Pitt? The Truth Unveiled

Entertainment 30 April, 2017

Is Angelina Jolie really delighted to have separated from Brad Pitt? Not so sure…
From tensions to reconciliation, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have made us live a real roller coaster with their stormy divorce ! Since the announcement of their divorce last September, the two stars regularly feature the news and the public as the media watch for their every move. If at the beginning of their separation the two stars were fighting mercilessly in the press and were confronting each other through their lawyers, fortunately a few months after the atmosphere has softened. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are considerably close and the actor was even able to spend an evening with her children, according to a source of In Touch Weekly : ” The children were accompanied by two nurses employed by Angie, and the nurses also spent the night at Brad’s. Initially, Brad did not want them here but Angie argued that it was recommended by the psychologist, so he agreed. Brad and the kids had a family meal around the table, a time that Brad really enjoyed . ” But is Angelina Jolie really satisfied with the situation?
Indeed, according to a source of Radar Online , Angelina Jolie would be happy to divorce Brad Pitt, and she would even like to celebrate the event! The actress would have organized a party in London: “Angie does not want anyone to know that she is celebrating her divorce, so she does not even want Brad’s name to be spoken at the party. How to celebrate his recovered freedom and the fact that the divorce is going well ” . Except that according to a source of the site Gossip Cop , this rumor is false! The site contacted representatives of the actress, who responded with a denial. without appeal. Angelina Jolie is not pleased with her divorce with the actor, which is not surprising. Only a few months before the ‘ Announcing their divorce, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were getting tattoos symbolizing their love. Their separation was very sudden, and we suspect that they are not yet ready to move on to something so quickly … What do you think of this case?