Angelina Jolie divorced from Brad Pitt, she is completely overwhelmed

Entertainment 30 May, 2017

Divorced by Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie would be overwhelmed by the education of her children. The actress then evoked her mother on whom she takes an example!
Angelina Jolie, who was radiant to celebrate Shiloh’s birthday at Disneyland , is an independent and strong woman. She tries to do her best to juggle work and family life. However, since the actress asked for a divorce from Brad Pitt she feels a big vacuum and if she is still trying to be a good mother, she finds herself a bit outdated. Without her husband, the education of her 6 children becomes somewhat difficult . In a recent interview, Angelina Jolie confessed that she would like her late mother, Marcheline Bertrand, to be there to help her through this difficult period and advise her. “I’d give it everything so she can be with me right now, I need her.
Now that Angelina Jolie is single, she tries to set an example on her mother to raise her children as best she can. “I try to set an example, to be aware of others and to be responsible, to help them have a broader vision of the world.” But really, the only way I know how to raise them is to really listen to them , “She continued. “This is perhaps the most important thing a parent can do. They are strong children but they are children, and as long as they need help to understand the difficult truths of life, they Also need what we all need – protection and love. ” , She concluded. After difficult months, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie become friends despite their divorce so the actress will always have the help of her ex-husband. Brad Pitt also continues to pass his children and family first although he is no longer a couple with Angelina Jolie. And, in your opinion, is Angelina Jolie a bit outdated without Brad Pitt?