Angelina Jolie happier when she is close to Brad Pitt

Entertainment 6 July, 2017

Angelina Jolie reconciled with Brad Pitt before moving to the actor. Since she is closer to him, she is much more fulfilled and happy!

Some time ago, Angelina Jolie was cracking for a sumptuous house. If the actress bought her new mansion last June, the move has just been finalized. This new house is much closer to that of Brad Pitt in Los Feliz than the one in which she lived with her children since the divorce. Now that Angelina Jolie is much closer to her ex-husband, she seems much happier and it is not the only one. Her children are delighted to be back in their neighborhood, near their father. “Angelina and the children have completed their move and are now living in their new mansion near Brad,” a source close to the actress told Hollywood Life. “They had spent the spring and part of summer in Malibu, about an hour’s drive from Brad, which was difficult for the kids.” While they liked being on the beach, they did not like Not be so far from dad, “she added.

Angelina Jolie’s new home is only 1 kilometer from Brad Pitt’s, making it easy for children to visit their father. “Now that they can go skateboarding to Dad’s house, they are much happier to be close to him and back in the neighborhood they consider to be their home, about 1km from Dad. The informant explained. “Angelina, her team and the children moved into this 6-bedroom, 10-bath, 1,000-square-meter mansion she bought for $ 24 million in June … They are now settled in their new home , Near Brad, and all is well, “the source concluded. It was revealed that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were reconciled and that everything was better for the former Brangelina. Now, the two stars will be able to keep a family life for their children despite their divorce asked by Angelina Jolie in September 2016.