Angelina Jolie: Her new boyfriend joined her in Malibu

Entertainment 22 April, 2017

Angelina Jolie is in love and probably very happy because her new boyfriend joined her in Malibu!
Is Angelina Jolie ready to remarry? One thing is for sure, the actress would have a new boyfriend is in love. If for the time being the identity of his new boyfriend is still a secret, it should not remain so long. Indeed, the British businessman who makes the actress’s heart beat has joined Brad Pitt’s ex-wife in Malibu to fully live their idyll . The couple would often see each other but always in secret. “It’s hard for Angelina to move on after Brad but she does what she can to keep up this secret romance with a new man.”
It was recently revealed that Brad Pitt was finally allowed to see his children at home . If this is obviously good news for the actor, it would also be good news for Angelina Jolie! Indeed, the actress would take advantage of her free time to join her new boyfriend . “She tries to find time for herself, so, at times, when Brad has the children, Angelina organizes a romantic rendezvous with the British sexy. Angelina’s dates happened in the biggest Secret … nightly dinners, drinks, all inside her private residence in Malibu and out of sight Angelina finds the secret of their sexy and exciting romance.