Angelina Jolie separated from Brad Pitt, she adopts a child with Jared Leto: The rumor of the week!

Entertainment 5 February, 2017

The twists do not stop with the Brangelina. The latest one concerns Angie and according to the noises, she would have adopted a new child with Jared Leto. Discover our rumor of the week!
What a twist! The Brangelina would have turned the page and would no longer be on the singles market. According to the latest rumors, Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt have forgotten with Jared Leto and besides, we want to believe. This noise is rather credible knowing that the two interested parties have known each other for a long time and have many points in common. In addition, they both have a crazy and offbeat side that characterize them so well. This rumor is indeed arrived battery when the actress decided to adopt a seventh child without Brad Pitt . But then, Jolie she decided to adopt a child with Jared Leto , his new love interest? This is our rumor of the week. Attention decryption!
According to the magazine InTouch , Angelina Jolie reportedly plans to adopt a seventh child without Brad Pitt and this is not surprising. The actress is very devoted to humanitarian causes, especially regarding the rights of young people. UNICEF goodwill ambassador, Angie loves protect children and is very unselfish . So that she wants to adopt another, that is quite possible. The rumor about her new romance with Jared Leto is also, however, we doubt Angelina Jolie adopted a child with him . If all this is confirmed, their love story is too recent and it would still be a little too quick to make such a decision for two. In any case, that she adopts another child yes, that she goes out with Jared Leto yes, but that they adopt a child together, one does not really believe in it. Business to follow! And you what do you think ?