Angelina Jolie shocked that Brad Pitt is attacking her!

Entertainment 23 December, 2016

While Brad Pitt did not hesitate to retaliate and tackle Angelina Jolie, the actress was extremely shocked.
An Gelina Jolie did not fail to acknowledge Brad Pitt to be dangere wishes for their children . The actress reportedly filed for divorce after an incident last September in the private jet of the family, where Brad Pitt physically and verbally assaulted their son, Maddox. The interpreter of Lara Croft seems determined to deprive her ex-husband of their children. But the actor decided not to let himself go and replied. Brad Pitt attacked Angelina Jolie to save their children! As much to say that it did not like the actress at all. She would simply be shocked at the initiative of her ex-husband. She think that the recent judicial decision to Brad Pitt to request custody of the documents is the subject of a sealed “no sense” and that her ex-husband with ulterior motives.
Angelina Jolie thinks Brad Pitt tried to do a publicity stunt because the actress has already signed an agreement agreeing to have the sealed documents . If she does not care about the privacy of children, “it has already revealed details about what happened on that flight in September,” a source told the Daily Mail. “Yesterday’s filing has no legal meaning.” Everyone was surprised that he had filed it with the court because he had already testified before the court. Brad has already signed an agreement to seal the court file, protecting the children and also protecting information about Brad, and all parties have already agreed and signed the accusation that she does not protect the privacy of her children. clearly false . “said the informant. If Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will be reunited for Christmas , the reunion will announce unfortunately strained. And do you think Angelina Jolie is telling the truth?