Angelina Jolie soon remarried? The unexpected revelations!

Entertainment 13 April, 2017

While Angelina Jolie is in the process of divorce with Brad Pitt, the actress would already consider the idea of ​​remarrying!
Lately, Melty’s editorial has revealed that Angelina Jolie has found a smile thanks to a man whose identity is still unknown to this day. The only detail unveiled by the author Ian Halperin , it would be a British businessman very involved in humanitarian causes. “He is very tall, handsome, an Oxford graduate with a heritage in oil and high technology, and is very attracted to his brain and intelligence,” says the Quebec author at Ok! Magazine . Under the charm, the actress of 41 years would have met him in London thanks to friends in common during the year 2016. A thunderbolt for the movie star who now cooed with his new companion: “They continue to make appointments around a glass of wine where they talk about politics, art, travel and philanthropy. They remake the world by making it better. ” A supposed new idyll that could well become more serious than you think …
According to the exclusive information reported by In Touch , Angelina Jolie would be ready to remarry with her new companion . If the marriage does not happen in the immediate future, remember that the actress is currently in the process of divorce with Brad Pitt , the interpreter of Malefic would seriously consider the idea of ​​becoming the wife of his British businessman. Faced with this decision, Brad Pitt, he would feel extremely threatened. Worse, the actor of 53 years would consider this new man as an intruder in his family. A union which, if it were to see the light of day, would make a great noise in the sphere. It would also be a real upheaval in the life of an individual , Angelina Jolie, who recently cracked up for an exorbitantly priced home . Nevertheless, she would do everything to preserve her children if we believe the American tabloid. Decidedly, these are new statements that will not fail to react on the Web. Can we really believe it? Business to follow! And you, do you believe in this rumor?