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Entertainment 13 September, 2017


The was a busy year for Angelina Jolie. There are just over one year, the actress asked for the divorce of Brad Pitt, the father of her children. She confided, with the benefit of hindsight, on these very challenging times for the u.s. magazine People.

In September 2016, just a year, Angelina and Brad Pitt have put an end to their relationship, after 12 years of common life. At issue : disputes over how to educate their six children, but also the problems of alcohol addiction of the actor, which he has since made amends. The divorce, breaking up this couple’s iconic to Hollywood has made the headlines of the press in the world. The year has therefore been very rough for the family. Angelina Jolie, a real rock, is, nevertheless, remained positive during an interview with the magazine People. “I have ups and downs, but I think I am a little stronger , “said the actress. It is well-known, ” what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger “…

For this mom dedicated this difficult trial shall in no way affect the apple of his eye, and his six children. “We all have tough moments, but as a mother, it was first a primary responsibility towards his children. They are in the process of growing up, and everything remains secondary compared to this , “mentioned Angelina Jolie.

The interpreter of Lara Croft is ready to do anything to fill his children’s happiness. Could she get back with their father ? The divorce between the two stars is, in any case, still relevant. Because according to Angelina Jolie, her partner began to beat of the wing at the time of their wedding, two years ago. “Their relationship has changed, it has become boring. Brad Pitt was drinking more and more. They were both very taken by their work commitments and they were constantly in the process of traveling as a family. Tensions have grown. In their eyes, divorce is not the worst thing that can happen to them. This is only a piece of paper and they have the impression that, when the divorce is finalized, they will be able to turn the page and start over all again”, reported the Daily Mail in early September.

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