Angelina Jolie still in love with Brad Pitt, can she really regain it?

Entertainment 14 February, 2017

Angelina Jolie would have realized that she was still in love with Brad Pitt but can she really reconquer the actor?
Last September, Angelina Jolie was asking for a divorce from Brad Pitt. The news had obviously stunned the fans of the couple as well as the whole Hollywood because the couple Brangelina was the perfect embodiment of love. After months of waging war, the two old lovebirds finally found their complicity despite their separation. The two actors are ready to go hand in hand. If Angelina Jolie was formidable at the beginning of their divorce, she would be about to change her mind. She would regret her choice and begin to realize that Brad Pitt is missing her and that she is still in love with him. The history of ” Love of the Brangelina couple is it really over? Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt might even be about to get back together again after a secret appointment . But can the actress really reconquer her ex-husband?
Brad Pitt will be divorced soon but will he celebrate Valentine’s Day this year? For some time, rumors have been going on about a romance between the actor and Kate Hudson. Their relationship would be more and more serious and the couple would even think about moving in together. But for now, neither of them has spoken about these rumors. Brad Pitt is more than anything to his family and his children, the actor would have given anything to be reunited with his little family and Angelina Jolie . However, her ex was not always tender with him and did not hesitate to give her a real war during the first months of the divorce proceedings. Will he forgive it? Not sure if he really found the love in Kate Hudson’s arms.