Angelina Jolie takes a trip to Namibia with Shiloh! (PHOTOS)

Entertainment 14 July, 2017

Angelina Jolie is like everyone else and enjoys the month of July to go on holiday with her children. She packed her suitcases in Namibia for a very specific reason about Shiloh!

The month of July rhymes with holidays, at least for Angelina Jolie. The actress who is on everyone’s lips took her children to Namibia earlier this month for a very special reason. This trip to Africa was destined for Shiloh since his mother offered him a wonderful surprise that made him warm in the heart. Angelina Jolie, who has reconciled with Brad Pitt, devotes her life to the education of her children and transmits strong values ​​to them. Moreover, this trip to Namibia also allowed the ambassador of the United Nation to protect a noble cause. Discover immediately all the details of his trip!

It is a very strong bond that unites Angelina Jolie, who had made a remarkable outing with Vivienne, to her children. In fact, during her trip to Namibia, the actress decided to take Shiloh to open a wildlife sanctuary. It can take care of elephants and rhinoceros who have been victims of poaching or abuse. It is located at the N / a’an ku sê Foundation. This cause is particularly close to heart for Shiloh, because she was born in this country. A source told People: “Her face lit up when she saw the sanctuary for the first time.” Her name was a surprise to her and she was beaming and she and her brothers and sisters moved very quietly as the Elephants were still there. ” One thing is for sure, it’s an adorable and unforgettable gesture for Shiloh!