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Entertainment 23 January, 2018


We could see an attack turned to her ex, Samuel Benchetrit. In an interview given to Paris Match, Anna Mouglalis denounces the sexism of the film industry, and more particularly the relationship between directors and actresses.

Anna Mouglalis would have launched a little dig at her ex, the director Samuel Benchetrit ? It is possible. In an interview given to Paris Match, the actress denounces the sexism of the world of cinema – in the middle of confidences on the aggressions which it has suffered, as the attacks with the iron bar, and attempted rape. It condemns in particular a system of “possession” between the actresses and the directors.

“For a long time, the actresses were all with directors, she says. This thing of possession really exists… I call it the tyranny of desire. It is at the very heart of the act of filmmaking. A priori, if the director chooses you, is that you have seduced. Except that, we, as actresses, we do not come to meet someone attractive, we come to meet a director. Therefore, there is a lag. Me, I’ve always been very angry over it all.

His anger she sometimes was directed to Samuel Benchetrit ? Anna Mouglalis has played in several films of his former companion, with whom she had a daughter (Saul, born in 2007), and in which she raised the son he had with Marie Trintignant, Jules. The actress and the director are still very close.

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Anna Mouglalis, Samuel Benchetrit

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