Annabelle 2: The trailer unveiled, discover the origins of the evil doll

Cinema 4 April, 2017

The terrifying Annabelle doll will sign her return in a suite that promises to explain the creation of the latter. Guaranteed thrills for fans!
While Pennywise signs his return in the freaky trailer of It , another creature hopes to haunt your nights. A creature that you already know since it is nothing more than nothing of Annabelle in a film promising to raise the veils on the origin of this doll not like the others . And it is the case to say it since the latter will torment again perfect innocents who have no idea of ​​the horrors they will have to face … At the head of this prequel, fans will find the director David F. Sandberg, to whom one owes the rather sympathetic In the Black . James Wan ( Fast and Furious 7, Conjuring, Saw …) will be in production and Gary Dauberman, one of It’s screenwriters ,
We will also find in the role of a girl owned the same actress already victim of occult forces in Yesja 2, a film that we find rejoicing and intelligent . The fans of the doll will only have a hurry: finally discover why it is an instrument of evil! At the rendezvous, chills, bursts and other scenes that look challenging. Note that Annabelle will be part of the “Conjuring Universe” since the film is a spin-off of the saga Conjuring . An episode focuses on a nun of the franchise is also planned and should be released by 2018. Between King Kong meets Godzilla, Superman or Batman meets all of the MCU, the monsters of films Horror Blumhouse will they also rub shoulders ? What do you think of this trailer?