Annabelle Belmondo: In keeping Eve in bed Romance in!

Entertainment 22 November, 2016

The granddaughter of Jean-Paul Belmondo of photogenic to spare.
annabelle-belmondo-a-l-occasion-du-lanThe charism is transmitted it from generation to generation? Watching the granddaughter of Jean-Paul Belmondo , we say that even if it does not look like his grandfather, she inherited his ability to catch the light, the look. And so the young woman of 28, whose mother is Florence Belmondo – Girl Bébel and Elodie Constant – shines in front of the goal, without much harm. One can admire again very sexy on her Instagram account, posing in her birthday suit in a bed, blanket coyly hiding part of her body. In legend, she writes: ” Monday Morning “, namely, “Monday morning”.
Annabelle is part of the prestigious clan Belmondo . She has two brothers, Christopher (23) and Nicholas (19 years). In her family, she has the aunt and uncle Patricia and Paul Belmondo respectively and it is with Luana father of three boys , Alessandro (25 years), Victor (23) and Giacomo (16 years). More surprising is the age gap it has with the last child of Bebel, Stella , born of his relationship with Natty. Aged 13, she is the aunt Annabelle has yet fifteen years older! This does not prevent them from being accomplices demonstrated by the model of the picture and caption on Instagram: ” Tata: P ”