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Entertainment 16 August, 2017


The violinist Anne Gravoin, the wife of Manuel Valls, is in mourning. Her first husband, photographer Jacques Beneich, the father of her daughter Juliet, aged 25, died following a long illness. The conductor attended to his funeral, on the 7th of August last.

The wife of Manuel Valls is in mourning. The violinist Anne Gravoin has lost her first husband, photographer Jacques Beneich. They had met in 1991. A year later, the couple gave birth to a daughter that he named Juliette. But shortly after, the two artists take different paths. “When I got divorced, eight months after the birth of my daughter, I reproached him , “said the musician to the magazine It in 2012. On August 7, last, Manuel Valls has accompanied his wife and Juliette, 25 years old, the funeral of the deceased to support them in this painful ordeal. According to the weekly magazine Ici Paris, the two women one last time, honored the memory of the photographer at the cemetery of Pantin in the paris suburbs.

Jacques Beneich revealed himself as a fashion photographer in the 80’s. He meets very quickly, great personalities, and models the most well-known of the moment. In 2004, he passes on his knowledge to students in the master class. In march 2016, his work was exhibited at the salon des Champs-Elysées. His portraits of actors or musicians remain must-sees for lovers of photography.

After being separated from the artist, Anne Gravoin found Manuel Valls that she was known in the 80’s. After having lived for several years together, they are united by the sacred ties of marriage, in July 2010. They then form a blended family of five children. Benjamin, Ugo, Joachim, and Alice are children from the relationship between Manuel Valls and his first spouse, Nathalie Soulié.

For the violinist, this death adds to a year already dense and difficult. After receiving death threats during the campaign of her husband, to the primary of the left, Anne Gravoin had taken a few holidays with her husband on the island of Mauritius to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle in French politics. The conductor is considerable support for the former minister who has since left the socialist Party.

Anne Gravoin

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