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Entertainment 14 December, 2017


How to grow you do when you are the daughter of Alain Delon ? Anouchka, his daughter, reveals to have been a teenager is difficult, in contrast with his father.

Anouchka Delon is revealed more and more of it lately. After being shown naked and having ensured that his life had changed recently, the actress daughter of Alain Delon confided to the belgian publishing of Paris Match. It reveals, inter alia, that his adolescence was not of any rest, especially for his parents, and says he has chosen the path of comedy by itself – despite the concern of his father.

“Of course, I was a teen difficult, I had a sacred character,” she explains. At age 15, he rejects the opinion of his parents, built his dreams. The more one pushes me in a direction, the less I’m going to go there. It was necessary that I discover the pleasure of playing by myself. My father was surely scary for me, it is a business very difficult emotionally to the environment hard. “Today, Anouchka Delon means perfectly with his father. Even if becoming an actor has not always been easy – including, sometimes, because of its name – it has removed a certain philosophy of life. “I’d rather grind and do something that I love rather than get bored. Of course, I do not deny to come from a privileged place where I have been very spoiled, but my friends are actors from a middle less easy think like me. In the world in which we live, it is aim at his own well-being.

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