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Entertainment 26 January, 2018


While his father, 82-year-old celebrated his 60-year career, Anthony Delon speaks with pride of her daily life with her daughters Lou and Liv. In true papa hen, he is exclusively devoted to their happiness.

If Anthony Delon has a difficult relationship with his father, the actor is filled when it comes to evoke his three children, Wolf, Liv and Alyson Le Borges (born of a previous union, and recognized belatedly). Today, Anthony Delon, who has custody of the younger two, aged 16 and 21 years devoted himself to their happiness and their education : “I understand taking care of my girls you need to know let go, he confided in an interview for the magazine Elle. I also learned that in order to exist, children must kill their father. He must know how to accept it. My girls come first. My role is to help to build.”

Very active on the social networks, the one which has just launched its pop-up store of leather jackets do not hesitate to share snapshots ” of the loves of his life “. This is not the first time he evokes his everyday life with his girls. In 2017 already, he confided they have made the best decision of his life by getting the guard (the life of a Wolf, and Liv lived in Los Angeles) : “They have preferred to stay here, with me. Anyway, I would never have left fly. And I would have been right. They have me too missed. “

In any case, if the trio share moments of complicity, father and daughters do not have exactly the same passions. Wolf and Liv will follow the same route as their father and their grandfather ? Not certain, according to the recent statements of Anthony Delon : “one does not want to be an actress, gave it to Yahoo. The small is an artist. She plays the guitar. She has made up things and all. I don’t know if she would want to do this business one day.” Only the future will tell…

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