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Entertainment 23 January, 2018


Anthony Delon, papa goose ? On Instagram, there is that for his daughters, Lou and Liv. He doesn’t hide it, he is very proud of them !

They are called Wolf and Liv, and they are the women in the life of Anthony Delon. The actor and businessman, son of Alain Delon, has had two daughters with his former wife, Sophie Clerico. And even if they are now separated, it does not leave the eyes of the two young women, aged 21 and 16 years old. Always with him for the before-first, they are also the models for the clothing brand that he created, Anthony Delon 1985.

The son of Alain Delon has never hidden how much he was to his children. We had confided in 2017 that they had to ask to stay with him during the divorce of their parents : “They have preferred to stay here, with me. Anyway, I would never have left fly. And I would have been right. They have me too missed. “This love, he proves it daily on his account Instagram, where he does not hesitate to share pictures of them, or of their family vacation.

On the other hand, the one that you don’t see on the photos is Alyson The Borges, his hidden daughter. The young woman is born of the liaison of Anthony Delon and Marie-Helene, a dancer at the Crazy Horse who said it would be sterile… Until the day that she announced to be pregnant with their daughter. It does not meet this last that 20 years later, and will accept even to do a DNA test. Today 30-year-old, Allison has reconnected with his father , and became also an actress. But never appear on the account Instagram of his dad.

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