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Entertainment 25 January, 2018


Anthony Delon loves nothing more than to talk to his daughters Wolf and Liv. The actor comes to the tender confidences regarding the two “loves of his life” during an interview, revealing their desires and plans for the future.

“It is the love of my life “. Anthony Delon has the face that lights up when he talks about his girls Loup (22 years old) and Liv (age 16). Queens of her Instagram, they are also in her daily life. Asked by Yahoo News, the actor has delivered some confidences on his daughters, and their future : the torch film submitted by Alain Delon with his son Anthony may well not be of interest to the two young women.

“There was a who wants to be an actress. The large, ” explains Anthony Delon. The small is an artist. She plays the guitar. She has made up things and all. I don’t know if she would want to do this business one day. But if this is the case, I’ll always be behind it. My girls, I try to give a maximum of strength. “While he has had relationships, sometimes complicated with his father, the actor wants his daughters to always be able to count on him. “First, by being present, they live with me every two, three years now. So we live in really all three, I have high, finally in the last three years in any case, these two small. Should they have confidence, and then at some point need to kill the father. “For the moment, Wolf and Liv don’t seem close to making it.

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Anthony Delon

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