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Entertainment 12 January, 2018


In its next issue, Paris Match has decided to pay tribute to Alain Delon and his 60-year career. For the occasion, his son Anthony speaks out on his childhood and on the strong ties between the father and the son.

In 2018, Alain Delon will celebrate his 60-year career. A life full of films, meetings, travel, but also, and more importantly stories of love. After an affair with Romy Schneider between 1959 and 1963, the actor will have a first child with Nathalie Delon on September 30, 1964. A little boy named Anthony.

In the columns of Paris Match, the latter’s book on his childhood and comes back with fondness on some of his memories. Anthony Delon says that their father was “the hero of his childhood,” saying that ” the reality mingled with fiction “. A childhood lived very differently from his brother and his sister : “This is a major difference with Alain-Fabien and Anouchka who have had a father already old” before you add this lovely memory : “For example, when I saw ‘Borsalino’, the same evening, Roch Siffredi was sitting in front of me. It is almost as dangerous… “.

In fact, many years separate Anthony Delon his sister Anouchka and her little brother Alain-Fabien. After several romances, Alain Delon met Dutch model Rosalie van Breemen, 1987. She had given him two children, Anouchka was born on 25 November 1990 and Alain-Fabien, born four years later.

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