Antoine Griezmann published a rare photograph of his daughter Mia

Entertainment 17 November, 2016

Concentrate on football during his matches, Antoine Griezmann has eyes for his daughter once sounded the final whistle. Yesterday, the Blues striker has published a photo of the little Mia on her Instagram account.

antoine-griezmannOn his Instagram account, Antoine Griezmann has been plugged football. Whether it’s pictures of himself on the ground, those of his teammates in action or even great games video games, football undeniably retains a central role in the communication of little blond phenomenon. But then, recently, the life of the attacking team from France has changed completely. April 8, Antoine Griezmann became a father. He and his girlfriend, Erika Choperena , gave birth to a little Mia. High to a grasshopper girl now takes its place on the Instagram account of his father, witnessed the last photo published by the player from Atletico Madrid.
On the plate, Antoine Griezmann holds against him the little Mia, dressed in orange. In the living room of their home in Madrid, father and daughter were staring at the big screen TV that transmits live the game of the France team . A match between the Blues yesterday to their Ivorian counterparts but which Antoine Griezmann, injured his left foot, was not able to participate. No excessive regret for the tricolor striker who took advantage of this enforced rest to spend a special time with his daughter and her partner. In legend cliché posted on his Instagram account, Grizou (affectionately known as the French public) wrote: ” Still standing for the anthem #EnFamille “. If the image is particularly cute, it’s not the first time the little Mia appears in the account of his father. Like Carla Bruni-Sarkozy , Antoine Griezmann, however, refuses to make public the face of her child. Whether standing in the stands or sitting comfortably in the arms of his father, Mia appears only from the back. An effective compromise for the footballer who can then share moments of happiness while preserving the anonymity of his daughter.