Aquaman: Amber Heard (Mera) comes out of the water on new photos

Cinema 19 May, 2017

We already knew what Mera was going to look like in Justice League. Now we have the opportunity to discover it on new images of the filming of Aquaman!
It’s not because the solo film on Arthur Curry’s adventures is called Aquaman that the superhero will be the only one to shine on screen! He will be accompanied by Mera, interpreted by Amber Heard, who represents his wife in comics. Of course, we will have the opportunity to meet the young woman from the sea in Justice League , where she should make a few appearances alongside Aquaman, which we saw underwater in a video of the film . And we also got a little preview of Mera with images unveiled by Zack Snyder. But today, it is James Wan, the director of Aquaman , And Amber Heard herself who we must thank since it is they who propose us to discover in more detail the costume of the young woman . And be careful, it’s clear that in the scene from which these two images are drawn, Mera just emerges from the water!
It is therefore the soaked hair and the scaly holding water dripping that appears Mera. And it must be admitted that Amber Heard wears rather well the costume, which, given its look a little particular, is in itself not a small matter! Anyway, the actress has rather the class, far more than one hoped. We especially appreciate the colorful side of the scales, which of course reminds the super-heroine outfit in the comics. This also differentiates it from the one seen in the Justice League , which turns out a little darker in terms of shades. These two images, which fans of Aquaman and his wife are certainly delighted to discover, were mostly unveiled in order to celebrate the first day of Amber Heard’s shooting on the film . The young woman has trained for almost a year in order to enter the skin of Mera and so we look forward to seeing what she is capable of doing. Just as one is curious to know what kind of relationship the young woman will maintain with Arthur Curry in the film Aquaman ! How do you find these images?