Aquaman: Did an actor from The 100 confirm his presence at the cast?

Cinema 27 May, 2017

The filming of Aquaman may have begun, his casting continues to grow. Today, it is an actor of The 100 who would have confirmed his participation in the film!
If you are a fan of Aquaman, you know that the shooting of the film has started for some time. Moreover, the first images of Amber Heard in Mera were soon to go around the canvas to prove to us concretely ! But that does not mean that the casting of the film is complete. In the coming weeks, it is expected to see a further increase as the film production progresses. The main roles of course have all found their interpreters but this is obviously not the case of some more secondary characters. The proof, melty has learned that a new actor would have joined the cast of Aquaman in a very particular role. And for good reason, he would be intimately connected with Black Manta, The opponent of the superhero who, in the comics, is responsible for the death of Arthur Curry Jr., aka Aquababy. And this actor is none other than Michael Beach , whom we recently saw in the role of the unbearable Pike in the series The 100 !
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Michael Beach could lend his features to Black Manta’s father
Michael Beach would play Black Manta’s father in Aquaman , the actor having confirmed the news on Twitter by answering ” Yes or no … correct! ” To the question of a fan having asked him directly the question. That would confirm the rumors circulating since the appearance of a photograph on which we could see the Pike interpreter alongside Yahya Abdul-Mateen, who lends his features to Black Manta. Even if we still prefer to wait for an official announcement of the studios on this subject. In any case, we imagine that the father of Black Manta will have a critical role in the film since in the comics, Aquaman kills him to take revenge for the death of his own father, thus attracting the hatred of the super-villain. There is therefore a good chance that this part of the story of the characters will be included in the feature film, even if you can not be sure of anything. Anyway, we should have more details about the film and about the role of Black Manta’s father. In the meantime, we can always count on the pictures of the shooting of Aquaman, such as those presenting Amnesty Bay , to satisfy in part our curiosity! What do you think ? To satisfy in part our curiosity!