Aquaman: Mera, Vulko, Atlanna … who are the Atlantes of the film?

Cinema 12 June, 2017

In Aquaman, we will not only become more acquainted with the eponymous hero of the film. Atlanna, Mera and Vulko will also be in the game. But who are they really?
Wonder Woman , which was released on our screens last week, allowed us to discover the history and origins of the Amazons. But these warriors are not the only mythical beings that populate the universe of DC Comics. For we must also count on the Atlanteans, the people of Aquaman ! One should learn some little details about these deep sea inhabitants in Justice League but the film Aquaman will have ample opportunity to explore more deeply the realm of Arthur Curry and its specificities. We already know that other characters coming from the seas will be in the game, starting with Mera (Amber Heard) that we saw standing next to Aquaman on a new photo of the film . But it will also be necessary to count on the appearance of Atlanna and Vulko, the latter, who will be played by Willem Dafoe, to play an important role in the intrigue of the feature film of James Wan. But who are these three characters who remain hidden under water? History of helping those who know less about the universe of Aquaman, the editing of melty splits a little explanation in order to answer this question!
In theory, unless you’ve lived in a cave, you already know who Mera is. The super-heroine, which can be seen emerging from the water on images of the shooting of Aquaman , is none other than the wife of the king of the Seven Seas. But before becoming his half, Mera, who is originally from another dimension, was first sent by his people to Atlantide … to assassinate Aquaman! And so the young woman has long fostered a ferocious hatred towards the Atlanteans, which partly explains her somewhat irascible and difficult character. But that was before falling in love with his target and integrating the society of the inhabitants of Atlantis! However, if the relationship between Mera and Arthur Curry is often stormy, It is expected to support the latter during its confrontation against Black Manta and Ocean Master in the film . Especially since it has a pretty practical power since it can control the water and use it as a weapon. Unfortunately, its role for the moment remains rather vague. It remains to be seen whether the origins of the super-heroine will be evoked in Aquaman.
But in the course of its existence, our hero in the Trident was able to count on the presence of another woman of character. And it’s about none other than Atlanna, the mother of Aquaman incarnated in the film by Nicole Kidman ! In comics, Atlanna is considered the former queen of Atlantis. But her story and the story of how she gave birth to Aquaman vary according to the epoch . In the very first versions, Atlanna leaves Atlantis to travel and ends up meeting Tom Curry, a lighthouse keeper, from which she falls in love. And after having lived some time by his side, Atlanna gives birth to a little boy who is none other than Aquaman. Unfortunately, she died shortly thereafter, revealing her origins to Tom before giving up her last breath.
In other versions, on the other hand, Altanna is actually seduced in her sleep by the sorcerer Atlan and gives birth to a baby she calls Orin. But the little boy is fair, which is considered a bad omen in the Atlanteans, Atlanna is sent into exile and her son, abandoned. Later, the former queen of Atlantis tries to return home but is finally made prisoner by Vulko. And it is in prison that she dies, while Orrin grows to become the hero Aquaman. Obviously, it is not clear which version of the character James Wan intends to use but it is already clear that the Atlanna of Nicole Kidman will be a warrior as proud as dreadful !
The third major Atlantean we will meet in Justice League then in Aquaman is called Nuidis Vulko. And if Atlanna and Mera are rather straightforward , Vulko, it is the ambiguous kind ! Originally, the character acts as a faithful advisor and mentor to Aquaman, helping him fulfill the difficult role of king of Atlantis. But starting from the launch of News 52, Geoff Johns invents a darker version of Vulko, drawing him as a man ready to do anything and even sacrificing thousands of innocent so that Arthur Curry fulfills his destiny and becomes the sovereign of the Seven seas. Impossible to say for now what kind of Vulko will appear in the film of James Wan . But Willem Dafoe not being frankly foreign to the sympathetic characters who saw psychotics, we already imagine that we will have to be wary of him! And this, even if it remains on the side of Aquaman. Which character do you most look forward to discovering?