Ariana Grande and rapper Mac Miller couple: The kiss that formalizes!

Entertainment 21 November, 2016

Both artists are not hiding anymore.
exclusif-ariana-grande-et-le-rappeurAriana Grande is finally ready to formalize things with the rapper Mac Miller. The popstar has made very discreet about her romance with the artist of 24 years , she attended since splitting with her partner Ricky Alvarez . If confirmed in hints the nature of his relationship with the interpreter of Dang! On the set of Ellen DeGeneres , she was however upset with Ryan Seacrest , unwilling to spread his privacy at large day.
The water has since flowed under the bridge since Ariana finally decided to publish on his Instagram page a romantic cliché of her and her lover who no longer leaves any doubt as to the nature of their relationship. “This pool is haunted, ok “, she has written in photo caption that shows the two lovebirds kissing in the bottom of an empty swimming pool at night. The popstar then published another photo that shows them both side by side and obviously very happy.
This is not the first time that Ariana and Mac Miller appear together . They stage products to interpret their duet My Favorite Part , they recorded after working together on a remix of the song Into You , from the new album Ariana. The two stars were however not published as explicit photo on social networks. The singer of 23 years has always been careful not to spread her love life online, having suffered much criticism after his break with rapper Big Sean .
Ariana Grande this time seems determined to leave all the room to her lover at his side. According to information from the site Hollywood Life , she would even go with him on tour. The Dangerous Woman will be on the roads as early as 2 February, with Little ensure that its first part, and it is that his beloved by his side. Their relationship has become one of their first priorities, as well as their music.