Ariana Grande criticized for her harassment, she replicates and clashe the haters

Entertainment 4 January, 2017

After being criticized for her harassment, Ariana Grande responds severely to the haters

Ariana Grande sex object as fans of Mac Miller, a famous singer hyper defends her . Last week, the young woman received hurtful comments from the audience about her boyfriend, and it touched her a lot. After being assigned to the event, Ariana Grande has been criticized in relation to the harassment she experienced . She decided to replicate on Twitter in clashant haters: “I see a lot of” But look at how you

Ariana Grande continues: “Expressing sexuality is an art, not an invitation to disrespect Wear a short skirt does not mean we try to be assaulted This is the choice for women Our bodies, our clothing!.. Our music, our personality … Sexy, seductive, fun This is not an open invitation, you are literally saying that if you show yourself in a certain way, you are yours. It’s our right to express ourselves. ” That puts the record straight . And it is not the only one to be judged at the moment. Capucine Anav also finds himself tackled on his rupture with Louis Sarkozy in Il In Think What Camille, discover his reaction. Agree with Ariana Grande?