Ariana Grande: Dangerous Woman, will she unveil a single single after Everyday?

Entertainment 29 January, 2017

While Ariana Grande chose “Everyday” as 4th extract of Dangerous Woman, a question arises: would it be the last single?
He give it to me everyay, everyday, everyday . While you were told there is little that the next album Ariana Grande is already finished , the interpreter of “Into You” was recently chosen to use his featuring with Future “Everyday” as the fourth single from her album Dangerous Woman . Very good choice of single, this title could well be the last single used for the promotion of the third studio album of the pop star. Yes, with his world tour is about to begin, the singer of 23 years may have difficulty promoting another single . In addition, and as we recently announced, “Everyday” will be sent to mlainstream radios that on February 14, the day of Valentine’s Day. Obviously, there is a safe bet that the clip should not hang and that because of the words he strongly resemble that of “Love Me Harder”, featuring her with The Weeknd . That is to say that it will be highly sensual and that Ariana Grande will appear even more beautiful than ever.
That said, as the Dangerous Woman Tour will span from February 3 to June 17, Ariana Grande might want to use a final single from Dangerous Woman to conclude this era beauty. Of course, if that’s what she decided to do, we would advise him willingly opt for “Greedy” or “Bad Decisions” . Ultra rhythmic, his two singles would have no trouble to become tubes of summer. And while you were told there is little that is expected of the next album by Selena Gomez (who finally studio in return) , we cross our fingers that “Everyday” is not the latest single Dangerous Woman . We do not know what you think, but at melty, we believe that this album was one of the best in 2016 and that it deserves to be promoted up to 5 singles! And you, what do you think of Ariana Grande?