Ariana Grande in TIGHT CLOSED mode with Justin Bieber, Mac Miller will be happy;)

Ariana Grande very close to Justin Bieber? This is the BUZZ photo that was not expected and that will make Mac Miller react

Ariana Grande in WEDDING mode, it’s without Mac Miller and with another man ! You wonder who can accompany it? You are not at the end of your surprises and you will ask yourself other questions while discovering the photo that the singer has posted on Instagram . We see her very close to a young man wearing a cap under her hood and some fans thought to see Justin Bieber! WHAT? Minute butterfly, do not panic! Even if the resemblance is obvious, it is Mac Miller who is in the picture with Ariana Grande . OUF we were afraid! The couple is still in love. The same can not be said of The Weeknd, who seems jealous of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez and who TACLE violently in song ! So, you find that Mac Miller looks like Justin Bieber?

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