Ariana Grande surmaquillee? Lindsay Lohan the attack and massacred

Entertainment 22 November, 2016

Fans of the young singer responded cash …
December 7, NBC will broadcast the musical Hairspray Live ! , Including the young pop star Ariana Grande. Posing in fashion selfie on Instagram with his partner Dove Cameron, it has attracted criticism from … Lindsay Lohan .

dove-cameron-et-ariana-grande-posent-suOnce again, Lilo would do better to keep quiet. The actress, whose career never managed to take off again despite numerous attempts comeback , has paid the head of Ariana Grande. On Instagram, she commented about the selfie of the two stars of Hairspray Live! , Which were in full rehearsals, writing: ” Too much makeup. ” A remark which obviously did not please the fans of the performer of Dangerous Woman , which flooded the Instagram account of Lindsay Lohan hateful messages. ” Too many drugs. Too much plastic. Too much botox. Too bad. Too much makeup ,” it read. Mass has been said !
Ariana Grande has not bothered to respond to the controversy but sent a message to his fans … after his victory at the American Music Awards . ” My mood …. Thank you from my heart. I am so grateful for your love in my life and I hope I can still bring some light into your s”, has she written on Instagram.