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Entertainment 16 December, 2017


Laurent Ruquier realize a child dream reforming with Arielle Dombasle, Inna Modja, Mareva Galanter, and Héléna Noguerra, the group yéyé Les Parisiennes. After the release of their album next spring, they will occur from 24 may to 3 June on the stage of the Folies-Bergère.

The women of paris, Hélène Longuet, Raymonde Bronstein, Anne-Marie Royer and Anne Lefébure have interpreted 64 songs, some of which have been real successes from 1964 to 1972. Fan of quartet pop years yéyé, Laurent Ruquier made the bet to rekey the group with Arielle Dombasle, the soul singer, Inna Modja, Mareva Galanter pop singer and girlfriend of the host, Arthur and Helena Noguerra, little sister of Lio and singer playful journey-motley. The newspaper Le Parisien, Arielle Dombasle commend that the cast is already a success : “We’ve been together since July for work and fun. There are tenderness and admiration between the four of us. The complicity is coming very soon.”

To Arielle Dombasle, who comes to participate in the program Dancing with the stars, the project remains very current : “The women of Paris have remained in the subconscious of the French. At the time, they were liberated women. Was our turn to femininity in positions of command. “The group will return to a dozen songs of the early training in an album to come out next spring, and then repeat thirty additional songs on stage for a few dates at the Folies Bergères… in Paris of course.

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