Arnaud Montebourg: the book that could destroy its reputation

Entertainment 3 January, 2017

The journalist Frédéric Charpier published in December a biography dedicated to Arnaud Montebourg, candidate for the primary of the left. The title, Arnaud Montebourg, the weathervane man , color ad …

The weathervane man . Here is a nickname that should not delight Arnaud Montebourg, just over two weeks from the first round of the primary left. The journalist Frédéric Charpier, known for his books on Nicolas Sarkozy ( Investigation of a man of power , 2007) and Bertrand Delanoë ( An irresistible ascent , 2008), recently published Arnaud Montebourg, the man weathervane , in the Editions discovery.
It is an apparently unflattering portrait that the journalist makes. The former Minister of Productive Recovery is depicted as a ” character self-centered ,” ” lonely ,” ” arrogant ” or ” obsessed with his own destiny “, according to extracts published on the Site Point .
But more seriously, for the author, the positions taken by Aurélie Filipetti’s companion amounted to simple postures. His ” political brand ,” said Frederic Charpier, ” takes mosaic, of an assembly of images and slogans to declining convictions. ”
These criticisms come at a bad time for rival Manuel Valls . Monday, January 2, his campaign knew a big blunder, with the double reversal of Guy Bedos . The comedian had initially refused to chair the committee of support of Arnaud Montebourg, arguing that he had not been informed of his appointment, before finally accepting, not to ” disturb ” the candidate … earlier, the former minister was “zapped ” by a full live reporter .
Frederic Charpier, who describes himself as ” an old left-wing activist ,” but promises that he was never down voluntarily Arnaud Montebourg in his work, much less to sabotage his campaign. ” My book is polemical, I admit, but I have not written to smash Arnaud Montebourg. I had no prior on him and my idea was precisely to dig what it is, how it is built , ” he explained to the Point . And why Arnaud Montebourg rather than another? Precisely because it is changing. ” Elusive ” dare the author. So it was a challenge to tackle the mysteries of his personality …