Arrow and Supernatural: A crossover coming?

Cinema 6 July, 2017

Will there be a crossover between Supernatural and Arrow? Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen) in a dream!

What a great news for both shows of the CW! We recently learned that Supernatural, in addition to returning for a season 13, would soon have a spin-off and that Arrow will land on our screens early October with his sixth season! Friends in the life, the actors of the two series CW have recently expressed their desire to ally and this idea already pleases the fans! Stephen Amell had posted a photo of the Arrow and Supernatural cast last year with the legend “It’s the crossover we need”. Lately, the actor has teased a possible crossover with the two brothers of Supernatural. When is the confirmation?

Stephen Amell looks more motivated than ever to join Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki for a crossover Arrow / Supernatural: “Everything depends on Jensen and Jared now. I’ve learned that they’re going to have a spin-off , Which is very exciting, they should find a moment in their calendar to make all fans happy. ” We have more than waiting for the response from the Supernatural brothers now! But let us not forget that the two universes have little in common. Connecting a superhero with ghost hunters is challenging, but if it’s turned humorously, this crossover could be really fun! Then we arm ourselves with patience before knowing more. In the meantime, come and participate in the Series World Cup!