Arrow back, and Empire down Blindspot: Hearings of the US 09/11!

Cinema 10 November, 2016

Last night all series were back on American channels but do not always have a perfect comeback. Discover hearings 09/11!

arrow-frequency-chicago-pd-cw-lethal-weaponLast week, the final game of the World Series Baseball 2016 delighted sports fans sériephiles but did not have much to put in their mouths. But last night, all our favorite series were finally back. Are they back in force or were they a flop? The editorial of melty offers audiences discover American channels on Wednesday 9 November. On the CW, Oliver discovered her responsibility in Prometheus murder in episode 6 of season 5 of Arrow . No fewer than 1,960,000 fans were present in front of their TV to find this new episode, a rate of 0.7. The Green Arrow therefore better than last week were also found Frequency that convinced 1080000 curious , a rate of 0.3. The series is stable but will recover. On NBC, Blindspot continued its fall with 4,880,000 faithful to their TV for a 1.0 rate of the target. The series was followed by Law and Order: SVU , which also declining with 5.50 million fans before the episode, a 1.3 rate. In the final part of the evening, Chicago PD remains steady with 5.69 million viewers to their screens for a 1.3 rate. It is rather a bad night for the chain.

On ABC, The Golbergs made a great recovery by having attracted 6.64 million fans to the appointment, for a rate of 2.0. Speechless is in the same vein with 5.61 million fans in front of their TV, a rate of 1.7. Modern Family is also slightly higher after collecting 7.17 million aficionados, a 2.3 rate. Later, Blackish however stalled with only 5.30 million curious, for a rate of 1.6. Finally, Designated Survivor continues its hellish descent who believes that 5.58 million turn on their TV, a rate of 1.2. On FOX, Lethal Weapon is a good return with 7.03 million followers, a rate of 1.8. in episode 5 of season 3 of Empire, a huge clash broke out in the Lyon family . It does not really passionate then tumbles series with 8.14 million fans to the appointment, for a rate of 2.9. Finally, on CBS, Criminal Minds is plummeting with 7.33 million viewers and a 1.3. Rate Black Code keeps up with 6.05 million fans, a rate 0.9. That evening rather than top flop! And you, what do you think of hearings Wednesday, November 9?