Arrow continues, Empire and finally back Blindspot: Hearings of the US 16/11!

Cinema 17 November, 2016

While last week was catastrophic, US chains are they re-entered last night? Discover the hearings of the US 16/11!

arrow-frequency-chicago-pd-cw-lethal-weaponLast week, most US chains had a flop! Have they done they were better last night or unfortunately remained their momentum? The editorial of melty you to discover the hearings of US chains from Wednesday 16th November. On the CW, episode 6 of season 5 of Arrow ended with an unexpected twist. There would be a traitor within the Team ! That’s 1.88 million viewers who remained speechless face this betrayal, a rate of 0.7. Oliver Queen continues. In the second part of the evening, Frequency also remains stable with 1 million fans, a rate of 0.3. Rather, it is positive for the CW. On NBC, Blindspot finally back but slightly with 4.98 million curious front of their TVs, for a 1.1 rate. We also found Chicago PD who did better than Law and Order: SVU last week with 5.88 million of aficionados, faithful to the post, for a 1.1 rate. The next episode has convinced 6.35 million fans to stay in front of their screen to a 1.3 rate. The series remains stable.
On the side of ABC, The Golbergs fall slightly with 6.25 million fans to the appointment, a rate of 1.8. Speechless is maintained with 5.67 million curious front of their screens, for a rate of 1.6. Modern Family continues in the same vein with 7.27 million of always passionate aficionados, for a 2.2 rate. Later, Blackish did the same with 5.56 million viewers in front of their posts, for a rate of 1.6. Designated Survivor finally keeps having convinced 5.52 million people to turn on their TV, a rate of 1.2. On FOX, after his safe return, Lethal Weapon drop slightly with 6.61 million fans choosing to watch the series, a rate of 1.7. In episode 6 of the Empire Season 3, separations were born and Lyon is in danger . After the flop of last week, the show dates back 8.37 million fans at the rendezvous, a 3.1 rate. Finally, on CBS, Criminal Minds was up by having convinced 7.56 million viewers, a rate 1.4. Black Code is still maintained with 6.35 million fans, a rate 0.9. Finally a rather good evening for US networks! And you, what do you think of hearings Wednesday, November 16?