Arrow, Iron Fist, Powerless, The Flash, Legion … The series of superheroes expected in 2017!

Cinema 24 January, 2017

The New Year has been going on for over three weeks and many superheroes are about to invade our screens! A short overview of these series in 2017.
That’s it ! The new year has started and that says new year, also says return of series, but also new launch. And that’s pretty cool, we’re not going to hide it. Among the many shows that will land on the small screen, the superheroes will have a place of choice. More than ever, the saviors of humanity (not only) spawn their way on US networks, but also on the SVOD platforms . Moreover we learned there is little that Luke Cage was renewed by Netflix for season 2 to delight fans of the series. But then, what are the next shows to discover and follow? Reply now!
Obviously, the CW series is a must. Kara Zor-El was back last night in the United States, Barry Allen is going to make his comeback tonight, Oliver Queen and his Team will resume service tomorrow night and the legends of the future will continue to travel back in time from Thursday. Yes, it is finally the return of the series on the CW and my god it’s good ! And as we are super friendly, all the trailers of the first winter are to be discovered below.
If DC Comics had a habit of offering dramas (including the four cities just above), it would seem that they now want to tempt themselves to comedy. Entitled Powerless, the new DC Comics will follow the daily employee of an insurance company in a world where superheroes exist. Their mission: to take care of the damage left behind after battles between Gentiles and villains, but also offer products to ensure the safety of Mr. and Mrs. everybody . Launched on 2 February on NBC !
After Agents of SHIELD (which took over on January 10), Marvel teamed up with ABC to offer its viewers the new Inhumans series. If the film should always take place (Vin Diesel), the show in 8 episodes should be launched between September and October in the United States.
On Feb. 8, the FX channel will launch Legion, a series from the X-Men universe. It follows the story of David Heller, the schizophrenic son of Pr. Xavier, a man suffering from mental illness since his teens . David will finally make a meeting with a patient in a psychiatric hospital that will make him realize that the voices and visions that he has could prove to be real … A very nice program that we look forward to discover! Not you ?
Iron Fist
After Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, Netflix will propose the first season of Iron Fist in a few months! The show will follow the adventures of Danny Rand who, after disappearing a few years, is seen returning to New York to fight the criminals who made it a corrupt city, thanks to his knowledge in kung-fu and the destructive power of his fist.
The Punisher
In the second season of Daredevil, fans were able to discover the Punisher who now has the right to his own series on Netflix. If no date has been set for the moment, the show will tell us the life of Frank Castle, haunted by the murder of his family. It then becomes a vigilante known in the underworld as the Punisher, which aims to fight against crime by any means necessary ! A series that looks violent and particularly dark. We love.
The Defenders
We have been waiting for it for ages and this year it will see the light! In The Defenders, Daredevil will assemble around him a superhero team consisting of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist in order to protect New York from a terrible threat … 8 episodes will compose this first season and the shoot ‘ Is being held this fall in New York. Which series do you expect the most?