Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow: Is the Flash less good?

Cinema 29 June, 2017

While the 2017 World Cup is in full swing on melty, The Flash was eliminated in the first round. Would it be worse than Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow!
This is the surprise of the first round! Yes, the meltynauts, while The Flash was one of the favorites during the 2017 World Cup, it was finally in the first week of competition that it was eliminated. A terrible disappointment for the fans of the first hour as Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow earned their ticket for the second round. While Melty’s editor suggested you discover which series are in danger at the 2017 World Cup , is the Flash less good than its colleagues? If the series was eliminated, it was first because she was confronted with real giants in her pool. Between The Vampire Diaries and Stranger Things, The Flash was already leaving with a serious disadvantage .
But it is clear that this third season has much divided the most unconditional fans of the series. While Arrow takes advantage of its status as a mother series to capture a maximum of votes and Legends of Tomorrow reaps the laurels of a much more effective second season, The Flash pays the price of a season too predictable. Has the community of fans been mobilized enough? In any case, if you want to allow the series of superheroes to remain in contention, it is time to vote en masse so that they can win the 2017 World Cup on melty . Do you think The Flash is worse than Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow?