Arrow, Once Upon A Time, The Vampire Diaries: The spoilers of the week

Cinema 3 December, 2016

Each week, fill in spoilers. What happened in the episodes of your favorite shows? The Vampire Diaries, to Once Upon A Time through Arrow, discover all the juicy details!

the-walking-dead-saison-7-jane-the-virginWhat a week ! Although many series are winter break, there are still some survivors, and fortunately, otherwise our evenings or nights would be very sad! This week, you do not miss out on the CW event. The crossovers between Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow were teases and expected for months . All our heroes are finally met to save the world (and Barry) and both say that these four episodes were EXPLOSIVE! We redemandons yet. In episode 8 of Supergirl , Kara realized she had feelings for Mon-El while his sister was his coming out and revealed the truth to her mother, who warmly welcomed the news. The crossover occurred in the final minutes of the episode when Barry and Cisco have landed to announce that a terrible threat reigned on Earth-1. Barry révélévait he needs the help of Supergirl. Turning to episode 8 of Season 3 of The Flash, where all the heroes were united against the Dominators . According to Felicity, they form the “Best Team-Up Ever” and we are 100% agree with it. Moreover, action and humor prevailed throughout the episode. This explosive mixture was accompanied by beautiful relationship between our heroes. Barry and Oliver are closer than ever and our Green Arrow has a blind confidence in Barry, which is simply magic from him. In addition, Wally realized the extent of his powers and Barry could help many times!
Continue with Part 3 of the crossover between Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash. In episode 7 of season 5 of Arrow , Oliver and Sara says goodbye to Laurel. For this 100th episode of Arrow, writers were strong and it was just enjoyable. Oliver woke up in a parallel world where he is engaged to Laurel , (what joy to find it), and his parents are still alive. Unfortunately, the flashes and memories reappear and our Green Arrow understands that this idyllic life is not real. New goodbyes with Laurel have plunged us into sadness of his death and the emotion was really the appointment in “Invasion” . Finish with the fourth part of the crossover with episode 7 of season 2 Legends of Tomorrow, where the adventure ended. Cisco has struggled to forgive Barry lost his brother which showed that the consequences of Flashpoint are still very much present. In addition, the Dominators have veulu get hold of our speeders but all justices have agreed that Barry does not sacrifice. What a wonderful team . The Legends were put forward in this crossover and a beautiful lesson ensued, Barry is not the only one at fault in the history and everyone has a responsibility. Anyway, we hope one thing, that the writers take us back in an infinite happiness in providing new crossovers between Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow!
Change course and universe. The Winter Finale of Season 2 of Quantico marked a new turn in the series. Ryan is one of the terrorists which left Alex completely helpless faced with this discovery, and we also elsewhere. Has it really changed sides as Miranda and Nimah? Or they threaten terrorists? Suspense! In the wonderful world of Once Upon A Time, episode 9 of season 6 was centered Rumple and Belle . Our princess took a heartbreaking decision to approach childbirth, that her son away from his father to protect all under the guidance of her adult son. Of course, anger Rumple was another important aspect of the episode and the Dark One has promised that he would find his son-cost what cost. This week also saw the Winter Finale of Season 2 of Lucifer where our King of Hell realized he was in love with Chloe, and besides, it’s mutual. However, his mother put a spoke in the wheels and did everything for him away from the detective to achieve his goal, leaving the Earth with his son. Will it succeed? We’re not so sure! In episode 6 of season 7 of The Walking Dead , we discovered a new community, the community of Oceanside, where we found Tara and Heath and what happened to them. Moreover, Cyndie has not stopped coming to Tara relief in this episode, but will remain a mystery whole, that of the disappearance of Heath. Where is he ? It will wait to find out …
Miami Branch with episode 7 of Season 3 of The Virgin Jane . Rafael was devastated by a family secret. He learned he were born in Italy and he would not be a Solano. What is the story of Mateo’s father? Jane will she help her find out? Anyway, Jane of trouble to do with his cousin Catalina is really fishy. Who is she really? This Winter Finale was well conducted but has brought new mysteries! Turning to the world of werewolves. In episode 3 of season 6 of Teen Wolf, the Nazi werewolf has entered and it is none other than the new professor of physical chemistry, Mr. Douglas. Moreover, Lydia and Scott did everything to investigate the disappearance of Stiles since they had more and more feelings of lack and intuitions. Will they succeed in saving the rapidly? Cross our fingers ! After a week away, the season 8 of The Vampire Diaries was finally back. In episode 6, Cade made two new victims. Moreover, Caroline made her engagement ring to Stefan as she could not save her daughters Cade. This episode was quite shocking scenes , especially when Stefan sacrificed himself for Lizzie and Josie and when Alaric confronted Caroline swinging him that she was not the real mother of the two girls. Ouch poor Caroline. Will she succeed in saving the man she loves in future episodes? To find out, we give you appointment next week for even more spoilers! What did you think of the episodes of the week?