Arrow season 5: A little more Oliver and less Green Arrow in the next episodes! (SPOILERS)

Cinema 14 January, 2017

A few days after the return of Arrow’s season 5, we learn that the next episodes will show a little more Oliver and a little less Green Arrow!
Change ! While we wondered if Felicity could become Black Canary in season 5 of Arrow , it appears that the changes will be multiple in future episodes of the series DC Comics . Indeed, Stephen Amell – which embodies the vigilante Green Arrow – hinted that later will focus more on Oliver Queen, as Mayor of Star City . This change will have no impact on the flashbacks, nor on the intrigues of the secondary characters, but rather on its role of justiciary. During one of his sessions live on Facebook, the actor has told his fans that: . “There are several upcoming episodes that are really fun few episodes where I’m barely in the costume of Green Arrow, which Does not mean there is less action, it’s just different. ”
Oliver’s professional life is likely to come to the forefront for a good reason: not only is there much to be done to cleanse John Diggle, currently in military detention facing invented charges. He also knows the difficulties with the ultra-violent Vigilante who (if we follow the comics) will prove to be the attorney of Star City Adrian Chase. Finally, her sentimental life, potentially with journalist Susan Williams, who is interested in the alleged links between the mayor and the Russians, should become important. Lately, we révélions if Black Canary would be back for good in season 5 of Arrow. What do you think of this change?