Arrow season 5: episode 10, A trailer about Laurel for the mid season premiere

Cinema 29 December, 2016

A trailer for the season 5 mid season premiere was unveiled and it is necessarily centered on Laurel.

Arrow Episode 9 Season 5, it was a death but also a return , the Laurel Lance! This well kept secret until its diffusion has made a lot of talk about him and we inevitably wait a little bit more on it. And this trailer meets our expectations because it is completely centered on Laurel and Oliver and how others will live it back from the completely unexpected deaths. But above all learn that Laurel that we see is not the real Laurel . Anyway, she sonic powers with his voice without the need of a special device and it inevitably raises questions.

Presumably it is the Laurel another universe, and possibly Earth 2 if you want to stick with the current plot of The Flash with Flashpoint, the powers of Doctor Alchemy and the appearance of Savitar. In any case, it looks hostile and we can assume that it is Black Siren but we cross our fingers so that Laurel becomes what it should always have become, the partner of Oliver Queen and Green Arrow. If you know more on that, the comic book on current Green Arrow did a good job to show the great dynamic between the two superheroes.