Arrow season 5: Episode 10, the whole plot unveiled by a fan?

Cinema 4 January, 2017

While Episode 10 of Arrow Season 5 will not air until January 25th on the CW, a fan posted a message on the Reddit website that would reveal the whole plot of the Winter Premiere!
All the mystery unveiled? And yes meltynautes, things become clearer to the most emblematic series of the CW . Indeed, it seems that a fan has already seen the Winter Premiere of Arrow and it took the opportunity to unveil the entirety of the intrigue long awaited by the fans. While the editorial ‘of melty wondered if Oliver could give in to temptation with Black Siren and thus delight fans in season 5 of Arrow , back in detail on potential spoilers revealed by a user of the website Reddit very knowledgeable. First, know that Laurel will explain to Oliver that if she is alive it is because she saw a white light and the Legends saved her when she had just been stabbed to death By Damien Darhk. With Gideon technology, Sara would have saved him and would have found a solution so that it does not cause temporal rift . The whole team will then celebrate their return by organizing a party even if they continue to have doubts about it. Some time later, Laurel reveals himself to be Black Siren and was released by Prometheus in order to attack them. She finally decided to turn against him and help the Arrow Team. However, Oliver does not trust him and prefers to lock him up in a cell of the ARGUS in order to try to find something that can put it back on the right path.
Where the message of the surfer becomes complicated, it is when he insinuates that both Laurel are alive. Thus, when Felicity conducts DNA tests to find out if the Laurel she has in front of her is native to Earth-1, she finds no difference and concludes that it is not a human meta . Similarly, the end of the episode ends with a scene where someone kills another Laurel using its power . But it can not be Black Siren since Oliver locked him in a cell. So we do not know if this is just a user error or a real twist unveiled. What if both Laurel were alive? One thing is certain, we are eager to learn more. Pending more information, be aware that a new DC Comics series is currently in preparation. What do you think of these revelations?