Arrow season 5: Episode 22, Black Siren and Prometheus join forces in the promo video!

Cinema 11 May, 2017

While the episode 22 of season 5 of Arrow will be broadcast next Wednesday on the CW, discover together the first unpublished images of “Missing”!
Will Oliver finally manage to defeat Prometheus? And yes the meltynauts, so far, the Big Bad of the season has not stopped to have a stroke on the Team. Even there, while he is prisoner of a cell, his satisfied air shows us that he has absolutely orchestrated everything. While Melty’s editor suggested that you discover our criticism of Arrow’s Season 5 Episode 20 , let’s take a look at the first unseen “Missing” images recently unveiled by the CW . First of all, know that the evil Black Siren will be back and she will have only one idea in mind: that of dropping Oliver by allying himself with Chase. Will Earth-2’s Laurel break the glass cell of Prometheus by shouting? Meanwhile, Felicity will decide to organize a beautiful evening for Oliver’s birthday . Unfortunately, this initiative will fall at the worst moment for our hero who will be clearly on the nerves. Will he still appreciate the gesture of his ex?
Finally, Lance will be downright angry with Rene. Indeed, the latter did not appear at the hearing which would have enabled him to recover the custody of his daughter. It must be said that the poor Wild Dog has great difficulty in trusting and accepting that he too can make his little girl happy . Will he end up finding her? One thing is certain, we are fast approaching the end of this fifth installment and we are terribly impatient to know if our hero will succeed in defeating his most formidable enemy so far. Will he save William before it is definitely too late? We crossed our fingers. While waiting for more info, (re) discover the video of episode 21 of season 5 of Arrow.