Arrow Season 5: Episode 9, Oliver finally confronts Prometheus on the promo pictures of the final mid-season!

Cinema 25 November, 2016

While the episode 9 of season 5 of Arrow will air in two weeks on the CW, discover all the promotional photos of the mid-season finale titled “What We Leave Behind”!

arrow-saison-5-episode-6-episode-5-spoilersA battle at the top! And yes meltynautes after several episodes to tackle Oliver indirectly Prometheus begins to reveal his true intentions. It is a first confrontation between our heroes and the Big Bad this season that awaits us in the final mid-season. While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover an explosive trailer of the crossover that meet Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergil in which the Dominators were unveiled , back on the promotional photos for “What We Leave Behind” recently unveiled by the CW . First, know that Oliver will be very worried when Prometheus attack Curtis. Indeed, the Green Arrow will realize that the wicked thus knows the true identities of all members of the Team . Nothing surprising about that because, as we learned in “Vigilante” , Artemis is not as innocent as she looks.
Indeed, it gives information to Prometheus allowing it to have several shots ahead of Team Arrow. But then, what connection is there really between the Big Bad and Evelyn Sharp? Is the woman really a traitor? In any case, Prometheus seems determined to destroy every member of the team one by one. Meanwhile, Malone and Felicity inspector discover a clue linking indisputably the Prometheus past Oliver. Is it possible that we can finally find out who is behind the mask in the final mid-season? We will wait to get to the bottom! One thing is certain, we are terribly eager to see the further adventures of our favorite hero. Pending more information, discover the secrets of Stephen Amell about the hundredth episode of Season 5 of Arrow. What do you think of these pictures?