Arrow Season 5: Episode 9 (SPOILER) back, our criticism of the final mid-season!

Cinema 8 December, 2016

While the episode 9 of season 5 of Arrow just been aired on the CW, return to the main events in “What We Leave Behind”, the mid-season finale!

OMG! And yes meltynautes, after a first part of the season that clearly served as an introduction for new members of the Team, the writers and producers of the show took advantage of the mid-season finale to show us once again the full extent of their talent. Yes, sometimes they are slow to go after things, yes, they sometimes make filling episodes but when they Instead, the necessary time and energy, they are crazy and masterfully orchestrated episodes we discover . While the editorial ‘of melty announced that the identity of Prometheus might be revealed in episode 9 of season 5 of Arrow , back in detail on key events in the explosive final mid-season this chapter unpublished. And the least we can say is that our hero has suffered during the entire episode. The more minutes progressed, more Green Arrow became aware that Prometheus was invited to Star City in the only goal of the pain. If we still do not know who is behind the terrifying mask the Big Bad of the season, we know it is deeply linked to the past of Oliver and he intends to make her life hell on earth . One thing brilliantly set up by a parallel connection between the present and the past. And flashbacks had also never been more important than in this episode where everything came together for our hero finds himself completely shot.
And we must say that Prometheus and his accomplice are downright twisted to the point of forcing Oliver to kill Billy Malone, the new boyfriend of Felicity, but he could do nothing to save. If we begin to realize, along with our favorite characters, that Prometheus is absolutely ready for anything to make him fall, hard to keep hope for the rest of the season. Felicity between which must now manage the death of the man she loved, Curtis who finds himself on the way divorce or Diggle who is trapped and stop, we can not but admit that the big bad perfectly understood the weakness of Oliver, his guilt. To really reach it, nothing better than to attack his family and make them understand that their unhappiness is entirely his fault. Suspense, action, twists and turns, it’s a long time that Arrow episode had we not held spellbound as offering us well dosed scenes . For our part, we are still very skeptical about the character of Susan. It does absolutely not inspire confidence and the close-up on alcohol bottle makes it very suspect. Could it be that it has a role to play in the Prometheus plan? And if she herself was Prometheus? Nothing yet allows us to say anything but we are almost convinced that she is not who she says she.
But obviously, the big cliffhanger of this episode was none other than the totally unexpected return of Laurel. For the moment, unclear whether the woman is really alive or if he is a hallucination but honestly, the hundredth episode offering put us on the path to us an incredible connection between the pretty blonde and our hero . And that was a long time that alchemy was gone between these two. How not to have seen a hope for the most emblematic couple of comics? But do not rejoice too soon! All this could change again and it is difficult to go into a shell some leadership as the mid-season finale Legends of Tomorrow was not broadcast. And yes, the reappearance of Laurel may be related to the episode of the spin-off aired tonight on the CW . In short, the final mid-season Arrow together all the ingredients that made us fall in love with the series since its inception. And we want more! Very well done, this episode probably will reconcile those who are disappointed with the show for several months. One thing is certain, humor was the rendezvous with the character of Wild Dog just waiting to seduce our Thea. A dynamic that would be absolutely fantastic. Pending the return of the show, the editorial ‘of melty wondered how the return was possible SPOILER in episode 9 of season 5 of Arrow on melty . And you, what did you think of the mid-season finale of season 5 of Arrow?