Arrow Season 5: Episode 9 tonight, the identity of Prometheus revealed in the final mid-season?

Cinema 7 December, 2016

While the first part of season 5 of Arrow will end tonight on the CW, set back on the main lines of “What We Leave Behind”, the mid-season finale of the fifth chapter!

Prometheus will he finally be revealed? And yes meltynautes, the Big Bad of the new season continues to reign terror on the streets of Star City. But then, behind the mask of Prometheus? It may well be that we discover it tonight on the CW . While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover the final scene which will close the season 5 of Arrow recently unveiled by Marc Guggenheim , back in detail on the main events that will occur in the mid-season of the show titled “What We Leave Behind” . First, know that Evelyn Sharp aka Artemis will continue to play a double game and will not hesitate to reveal to members of Team Prometheus knows that each of identities. Logical since it is she who helps the Big Bad to have four shots ahead of Green Arrow . However, this episode will also be an opportunity for her to reveal she works with Prometheus.
And we look forward to how Oliver will react by discovering that one of its protected is against him from the beginning. Especially as the villain attack Curtis and that the consequences will be dramatic. For their part, Felicity and Billy Malone discover an incredible value that binds the past Prometheus Oliver. One thing is certain, Marc Guggenheim has promised that this would be upsetting Winter Finale and the fans of the couple Olicity attend a decisive stage. Oliver also meet the boyfriend of Felicity in this episode . Pending more information, see why the reunion of Laurel and Oliver offer hope to fans of the couple in Season 5 of Arrow on melty. Are you excited to know who is behind the mask of Prometheus?